Our Team

Meet the Soap Interactive team

Zlatko Krček

Founder, CEO

CEO of SoapInteractive and organiser of the ZagrebGameDev meetups. Also a violinist, music enthusiast and rum lover.

Luka Marinković


Programmer with many ideas in his head and little time to realise them all. Besides gaming, he's really into board games and a huge Star Wars nerd. Easily gets drunk.

Senad Čauš


Game artist and designer. Always searching for a new and exciting visual style. Has strong opinions about music, food and why your next car should be a bike.

Dario Zubović


Was forced to write this description. Besides coding, enjoys spending time looking at everything that makes you cringe, including descriptions on companies team pages.

Kristina Vodopivec


A designer that is always looking at the smallest details in making the visuals in games. Also, she has a huge fascination with the horror genre, both games and movies.

Izet Sefaragić


Studio’s charismatic and lovable QA. Games and comic book enthusiast.

Nikša Lučev


Quality assurance overseer. None escape his judgemental gaze as he brings swift reckoning upon any bugs that dare tread unchecked and, as the overlord that he is, makes sure somebody else takes care of them.